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tv   U.S. Senate Sens. Wyden Markey on Net Neutrality  CSPAN  May 16, 2018 7:38pm-8:00pm EDT

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we do not want that internet throttled and limited. it needs to be free and open. >> mr. president, i yield the floor. >> mr. president, it's important for everybody to understand how things work today, and what net neutrality is about. what net neutrality is fundamentally about is that everybody gets a fair shake with respect to using the internet. after we pay the internet access fee you get to go where you want, when you want, and how you want. there are no special deals, there are no priority lanes for those with deep pockets to get more content and they get it
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faster than everybody else. that is not the way it works. everybody gets a fair shake on an open and free internet because of net neutrality. what mr. pie in the allies, and he is the head of the federal communications commission once is something very different. under their vision of how things would work, there would be tollbooths all over the internet and those higher cost would come in one way or another come out of your pocket. that was sure place a hardship on americans, and especially small businesses, seniors, and
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students. but everybody would be affected. a new approach would establish tollbooths all over the internet. my views there is no vote that this body is going to take in 2018 that will have a more direct impact on the wallets of americans than the one that will happen in a few hours. this is the last chance to protect the free and open internet that comes about with real net neutrality. the fact is, if we don't do it the child federal communications want to turn the lights out.
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you go when you want, where you will, that's what we have today without what we're doing here. chairman pi in the federal communications commission can change that and take money away from typical americans to line the pockets of their friends over the communications monopoly. if republicans in congress allow this administration to get away with repealing net neutrality, americans can certainly be expected to be charged more for netflix, for music services on spotter five, for videogame downloads, for example playstation. this is not some academic policy question that will show appears from now. and certainly there are matters that we talked about this is
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where the trump federal communications commission could handpick cable companies more power and take more money out of the pockets of the american people next month. . . >> and both of us said
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literally more than one decade ago we need a communications policy that is rooted in the principle of nondiscrimination with openness and freedom for all and we are and passing the revolution of what my colleague sponsor and i partnered with them now everybody understands you have to pay a fee to have access to the internet but the question at the heart of the debate is once you pay that fee do you have a fair shake? shouldn't we be able to say
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once you pay the fee you should be able to go where you want and when you want and how you want? but with the tromp fcc wants to w do with the fake cable companies for those who can afford to pay more. but this is really something where if you have deep pockets with a treasure trove that the typical american with their vision and that is why it is so important to understand what the chairman and the fcc
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more power significantly more power and for the real neutrality and is called paid prioritization and if you are among the fortunate few and if you are a big established then to stifle the competition you can squash the competition and those opportunities are not available in their garage and where so families that are barely staying afloat but with their interest and i remember
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not long ago now he will tell you that the cable companies have the best of intentions and will go along with this voluntarily because it is the right thing to do. but my question is, just to go out with net neutrality but that doesn't really stand out. when people ask what it means
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but there is about as much chance the cable companies will voluntarily go along with neutrality that they will voluntarily limit those numbers and in particular the chairman says that he believes in real net neutrality and to give them a chance or to actually show them but we all knowno that he doesn't see it that way. mr. president, we just opened a town hall meeting in those
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rural areas understand so that moves along at a snail's pace. so with customers. and with those technological marvels to have the potential to save lives. particularly important because senator mark and i came back and have led the fight through the medicare guarantee that will focus on chronic illness so senator markey and i have led the effort for greater
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access to telemedicine but all of those technological marvels depend on rapid access to the internet that may be something that saves lives to be sure that rule providers can get a connection that for example like a neurologist. >> the markey resolution should not be an issue. i don't see that as a political question. if the resolution goes down what people put on the internet today they should have more tomorrow that years
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from now to be abstract that would be un-american to come out of their pockets and it will cost them a lot more in a hurry. and thank you to the leader from massachusetts for your leadership and from the house and the senate we urge my colleagues to do the right thing and support the consumer small businesses without more profit to the cable companies from sea to shining sea cannot have the money coming out of their wallets. i see my friend on the floor
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and i'm happy to yield. >> i think the senator. i just want to follow-up on the point which you were making which is these big companies say you don't have to worry because we don't have any intention of discriminating. then we say that is what net neutrality says. you should not discriminate you treat e everybody equally but then theyn turn around and said you didn't trust us but take the rules off the book that they we agree. and then we were free to know abouthi conduct do you agree with that testament?
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>> not without too be too logical with this discussion with the special interest continues to try to shroud thatt real objective that was described. the big cable companies and they are writing on chairman pai to go back to yesteryear when they could tell the consumer and stick it to the person of modest means. my colleague has summed it up very well but chairman pai and his allies were really going to present us with this net neutrality plan they have never been interested in
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that. they wereve interested in taking a whole lot of legalisms and murky language to try to fool the american consumer. but chairman pai and his allies would like to set up across the country and start with the policy one way or another will cost the typical consumer more into look forward to my colleague. >> i think the senator because i think that is what you identified when you introduce the net neutrality bill here in these senate and what i identified in the house, we work together at that time. but it just continuesee especially deeper into the internet era it ise almost like oxygen especially young people are young entrepreneurs they
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need to know they can gainey access with the new software for internet. they shouldn't have to raise money to payrb exorbitant fees they shouldn't have to worry. so whether it is massachusetts or oregon it is same principle that we have been trying to stand up all theseit years. and when the fcc took that off thek books. and with those discriminatory rules. >> my colleague said it very well and from these nine town meetings almost all of them were in rural oregon and they
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said why are you here? >> the whole town is portland. but i'm not a united states senator from the state of portland but to represent every note and cranny lung -- neck and cranny in oregon and so what i say to my friends and i hope the colleagues because the senate represents a lot of world terrain and what i have heard last week is if they have to pay more for less content, which i think could easily happen under this triple down telecommunications policy of chairman pai is not just springfield massachusetts
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it is a world america on -- world america from sea to shining sea level wake up soon. >> and by the way there are rural areas in every state. they have the same right to have access to free unfettered access as the same as cambridge massachusetts that is the goal for the rural business people they should all be able to rely that it is free and open and they rely on that and that is what i wanted to do. you thank you for your leadership onip this issue you were there at the dawn of this era and you continue because
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the internet is infused with the values that i think our nation wants. >> it has been a privilege to work with my colleague and especially this has been by -- bipartisan for those policies that can come about with real net neutrality to make sure that to get a fair shake complements other work that represents the future my colleagues f and i talked about the fact of the medicare guarantee and for years political parties have messed with what was to become medicare part a for the hospitals that is not medicare
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any longer. cancer or diabetes or heart disease and chronic pulmonary disease, all of these chronic conditions and what my colleague has done and i am so appreciative is to say with medicare guarantee it isn'te a voucher but guarantee of basic services. but senator markey and i and others from both political parties have come along to say give people more care at home let's expand the role of telemedicine so with other small towns in america you can have access to these technological marvels we don't have a specialist. make no mistake, chairman pai is looking out the trouble for for world healthcare because they
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like so many of the people that they serve the will see the prospect and they will pay more in many cases for them. i look forward to working with my colleagues and listening to his remarks. >> president trompe winter meeting on undocumented immigrants.


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